Connecting people, businesses, organizations, and communities!


Click on Community Events to learn more about our upcoming community celebration day on Saturday, August 3, 2019 in Rockledge, Florida!!

Pay It Forward, Inc. believes that connecting people makes the world a better place. Pay It Forward facilitates and manages community events that bring together people, municipalities, public and private organizations, and businesses to enrich and empower each other.

Connecting people can be fun, educational, rewarding, enriching, empowering, fulfilling, and, sometimes, even life-saving for people who need a human connection to get them through a difficult time.

Pay It Forward is currently facilitiating several programs that include a program to help veterans, active-military, and first responders, and another that brings youth interested in a career in the sports field the opportunity to make connections with sports professionals and athletes, among others.

Pay It Forward also hosts business networking events the country where we aim to facilitate the creation of business opportunities and success stories, connect people and organizations, and promote sustainable and vibrant economies.



Pay It Forward, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and a registered charity in the states of California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.