Community Events

Communal gatherings can help shape and define a community and Pay It Forward is set on making these community events possible, affordable, and unforgettable. Pay It Forward will facilitate events to take the hard work out of event planning and ensures that all event aspects, large or small, are taken care of with sound guidance, expert planning and consistent communication. We aim for community events to provide long-lasting experiences and incredible memories. The types of events will include: 

Camps for Kids – Camp experiences for youth to learn, explore, possibly make career choices and connections, meet their peers, and have fun.

Live Events – Music, comedy, talent, and other events and tournaments for kids and families, charitable fundraising, education and technology, honoring veterans, honoring local or national heroes, events for seniors, people with disabilities, and other special persons, among others.

Event Locations – Events will be held in public school facilities and other public spaces, community centers, parks, county or city stadiums, performing arts centers, and many other interesting