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Tablet Technology for the Classroom:

Empower learning and narrow the digital divide


  Tablets engage and inspire the way students learn and help them realize extraordinary benefits. Empowering teachers and students with tablets encourages creativity, collaboration, adaptability, initiative and properly equips students for the world we live in. Worldwide research has shown tablets provide greater motivation to learn, that students respond to interactive learning and that they create a collaborative environment between the teacher and student. App developers are constantly creating existing and relevant classroom content enabling students to write their own music, participate in video chats, watch a live performance or national event, research science and historical data, prepare presentations, perform photography, write, widen their computer skills and much, much more. Lack of affordability can create a digital divide that we hope to narrow by providing tablets to schools in need.

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  Church coffers continue to decline. Many churches of all denominations and size are in desperate need of repair, big and small. Common needs are HVAC system modernization, roof repair or replacement, steeple work, window efficiency and the like. We ask for your assistance to benefit a place of worship so they can undertake needed comfort, safety, and beautification projects.

Fix A Church:

Make a house of worship welcoming and safe

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The Pay It Forward Project:

Changing the world, one community at a time


The Pay It Forward Project exemplifies what our organization is all about – if each of us receives or does just one simple act of kindness it will inspire and engage others to do the same. This charitable campaign aims to raise funds to enable our volunteers to distribute Pay It Forward Debit Cards, containing a small monetary sum, to random people all across the county. In addition to spreading kindness and goodwill, it will certainly give people pause to thoughtfully consider their fellow man and hopefully inspire them to Pay It Forward. To volunteer, donate or participate in this program please click one of the buttons below.

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  Helping those less fortunate is a responsibility that we all share. At Pay It Forward we offer a program to give financial assistance directly to those experiencing hard times with hopes of a better future.

Help the Homeless:

Help the Homeless Program

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Support Single Mothers:

Single Mothers Need your Help!


  The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is even more accurate today then ever before. The stress of a single mother is apparent and never ending. With that said the smallest amount of appreciation and assistance can go a very long way. Help make your community stronger by helping those who keep it together.

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  Currently FEMA will issue qualified individuals support funds within about ten days of inspection. At Pay it Forward we understand that those ten days could be the longest of some people lives. We promise to quickly and securely transfer available funds and heart-filled donations to those in need within 24 to 48 hours in most situations. Please sign up here for notifications when the need arises.

Emergency Response Fund:

When Disaster strikes, speed is of the essence