Urban Beautification Program:

From Distress to Family Friendly


  • Many urban areas have thousands of abandoned and vacant homes. For example, Baltimore has over 17,000 vacant homes
  • Abandoned homes are owned by banks or absent homeowners
  • Vacants are not cared for making the neighborhood unattractive and unsafe


  • Abandoned homes leave behind trash and rodent problems 
  • Distressed properties encourage trespassing for illegal activity
  • Drug dealers create drug dens bringing traffic, drug paraphernalia, and danger to the neighborhood
  • Families, especially families with children, are exposed to and living among unsafe properties that are also eyesores

The goals of the Urban Beautification program are:


  • To reduce the number of uncared for vacant homes in occupied neighborhoods
  • Clean up the inside of vacant homes to remove trash, debris, and mold (if present) and install rodent deterrent system
  • Clean up the outside of vacant homes to remove trash and debris
  • Restore the roof, windows, and doors to make the neighborhood more attractive and safer for the people living next to or near the vacants and install an alarm system
  • Engage with the neighbors to communicate the Pay It Forward program
  • Deter illegal activity and trespassing
  • Create a happier and more family-friendly place to live






Pay It Forward looks to raise $50,000 per home beautification to: 


  • Trace the lien or mortgage holder of the property
  • Purchase the vacant home, either one at a time or as a block
  • Engage with neighbors to communicate the program to provide hope for a better living experience in their neighborhood
  • Repair the roof to make the house watertight
  • Clean out the interior of debris and remediate any mold, if present
  • Replace all broken windows and doors
  • Install burglar alarm
  • Install rodent deterrent system
  • Sell the safe and revitalized shell to a homeowner to complete the interior renovation.