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Pay It Forward has researched and identified several programs that will have a positive impact on the environment, families, and communities. These include business opportunities, recycling initiatives, construction of gasification and alternative fuel plants, repurposing abandoned properties, revitalizing the US shipbuilding industry, and food and nutrition alternatives for health and wellness.

As a global community dedicated to kindness and helping others we can bring about change and have a positive impact!

Urban Beautification Program

The goals of the Urban Beautification program are to reduce the number of uncared for vacant homes in occupied neighborhoods to create a happier and more family-friendly place to live.

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Pay It Forward hosts seminars, webinars, and forums to educate, enlighten, and discuss some of today’s most pressing challenges, Forums will include subject matter experts, educational materials, and guest speakers.

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Municipal Waste Gasification Plant

Pay It Forward has a goal of raising $10 million to construct a clean closed system, non-burning, gasification facility.  Feed-stocks for the gasification process include plastic items, used tires, medical waste and brush. 

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