Urban Beautification Program:

Many urban areas have thousands of abandoned and vacant homes. For example, Baltimore has over 17,000 empty properties. These abandoned homes are owned by banks or absent homeowners. Typically these buildings are not cared for making the neighborhood unattractive and unsafe.

Families, especially families with children, are exposed to these distressed properties that encourage trespassing for illegal activity, violent crime and drug use. The goals of the Urban Beautification program is to reduce the number of uncared for vacant homes in occupied neighborhoods, and create a happier and more family-friendly place to live

Pay It Forward looks to raise $50,000 per home beautification in order to trace the lien or mortgage holder of the property, purchase the vacant home, either one at a time or as a block and engage with neighbors to communicate the program to provide hope for a better living experience in their neighborhood.

If you are interested in contributing or volunteering towards our beautification program please reach out to us directly.

Thank You