Affiliate Opportunities and Proposed  $500M fish processing plant in Mississippi or nearby state

  • 100 to 200 affiliate land-based RAS indoor fish farms in all 48 US States
  • USA-Fish will build and equip each facility with state of the art indoor tanks, freezers, etc.
  • A typical building is about 3,000-30,000 square feet
  • Can be anywhere local zoning allows
  • No marketing and sales needed for the affiliated operated small business as USA-Fish will take all of their output
  • USA-Fish will sign a long term contract to buy and pickup all fish from each of the 100 to 200 affiliate locations
  • However, there are countless opportunities for an affiliate to grow their operation through their own sales and marketing
  • USA-Fish will work with SBA to expedite loan application for each of the 100-200 small business owners to get financing
  • Every RAS fish facility will have some walk in freezer to store either whole fish before processing or fish products after processing.



Will be close to big cities and have smaller buildings. In addition to raising fish, the facility will also grow microgreens for quick delivery to nearby cities.


Field trips, educational tours, and product sampling are all available, similar to a vineyard or beer factory tour.

recreational ras facility


People can recreation fish in these facilities as well as use them as event spaces for picnics, weddings, birthday parties, and family gatherings.

remote ras facility


Bringing RAS facilities to remote locations that need economic stimilus, new industry, and job creation.


   Processing Plant

Investment Needed: $500 million – 1st Phase
450,000 square foot fish processing building in Poplarville, Mississippi
Fish Processing Machinery and Freezer Rooms
The fish processing plant will have contracts in place to buy fish from Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) affiliate facilities. Additional facilities will include:


Market Niche and Distribution

  • Ship bulk to Institutions / Larger Restaurants / Government / Schools / Churches
  • Focus on long term contracts or subscription PO’s
  • Sale to both USA and international institutions
  • No sale to middle-men or to individuals, other than during tours and at the discretion of affiliates
  • Simplified order and delivery systems using automation software and Green Trucking (Tesla or Nikola) Electric or Hydrogen or Hybrid Trucks, if available
Variation of fish products:
  1. Fish fillets
  2. Fish Cakes
  3. Fish balls
  4. fish soup (concentrate or ready to heat)
  5. fish infused with other ingredients / spices  (Fresh Yummy Food)
  6. Breaded fish ready to put in oven 
  7. Japanese style, Korean style, Many other Ethnic flavored
  8. Fish Paste to be used for many Asian infused specialty appetizers or finger foods
  9. Smoked fish
  10. Salted fish
  11. Freeze dried fish
  12. Fish skin snacks
  13. Fish kits ready for BBQ 
  14. Healthy Fish for cats
  15. Fish combined with side dish, salads, desserts, drinks
  16. fish flavors chips
  17. fish flavored sauces
  18. canned fish
  19. fish salads
  20. fish tempura ready